Online or Telephone counselling

integrative therapy, mental health, anxiety, depression

As a mental health service provider I want to make counselling as accessible to people as possible and working online or by telephone means that I can be more flexible with my working hours and availability. I will be available for evening sessions and Saturday sessions to help make counselling more accessible to people who have a busy work schedule or find it difficult to travel or leave their home for any reason.

I will offer online counselling sessions on zoom video call  or on whatsapp video call. I have webcam facilities and I am happy to have online sessions via video calls or counselling sessions on the telephone, whichever you feel more comfortable with.

If you feel that online or telephone counselling might be something you are interested in. Please get in touch and we can arrange an initial session to discuss your needs. 

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Telephone and online counselling are getting more popular and have been found to be an effective way of delivering therapy. As a relational counsellor (see therapeutic approach) I believe that it is the therapeutic relationship between us that helps with the healing process. I feel this relationship can be developed online or by telephone as well as face to face. In fact, when video calling, we will still be able to see each other’s face and it is as close to face to face as can be offered while following social distancing advice in these unusual times. I know that these are unprecedented times for people because of COVID 19 and this can be unsettling for people for many reasons. I feel it is important that people still have access to counselling as it is important to look after our mental health as well as our physical health.

A benefit of online and telephone counselling are that they are ways of having effective counselling from a place in your home which you can make sure is as private and comfortable as you want. I know that privacy is very important to people and some people might want to talk to a counsellor who is not based near them geographically and online or telephone counselling makes this possible.

For more information about telephone and online counselling please follow the link.