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Issues I can help with

Reasons for coming to counselling differ for each individual and there is no ‘correct’ reason to come to counselling. I will work with you to help you towards a solution to whatever is concerning you.

If you do not see an issue that is affecting you on this list below; please get in touch as I will be able to let you know if I can help you.

Here are some examples of  issues I can help you with in therapy:




Relationship issues

Low confidence and self-esteem

Issues relating to COVID-19.

Improve relationships with others / how relate to others

Living with special educational needs

Panic attacks   


Raising self-awareness

Feeling stuck

Quarter-life or mid-life crisis



Employment/ unemployment

Living with disability                       


Troubled by memories

integrative therapy, mental health, anxiety, depression

Follow this link for more information on how counselling can help with many issues.

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