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How I work (my approach to therapy) 

As an integrative practitioner I use different therapies to inform my counselling. Some examples of therapies I offer are:

·          Existential therapy

·          Humanistic therapies

·          Integrative

·          Mindfulness

·          Person-centred therapy

·          Solution focused brief therapy

·          Transactional analysis

·          Cognitive behavioural therapy

integrative therapy, mental health, anxiety, depression

In our counselling, I believe the relationship between counsellor and client is central to successful therapy. We will work together collaboratively to build a therapeutic relationship which is safe, caring and non-judgemental where you can feel comfortable to explore your emotions.

As a relational therapist, I believe the relationships we experience in life with ourselves and with others are important to our well-being and development. I will help you to explore your relationships in the past and present and explore their effects on your well-being and development.

I work in an integrative way looking at a range of theories to inform the therapy.  I believe therapy needs to be tailored to each individual and there is no ‘one size fits all’ and adapt my approach to suit your specific needs and what you are looking to achieve.

We will work collaboratively in a mainly person-centred way which means you direct the pace and the agenda that we work on in each session. It is for you to decide what you want to explore to help you to find a way forward and to empower you to make positive changes in your life. I believe you are the expert of your experiences and that you are the one who knows how each event has made you feel and how you feel matters.

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